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Dec 30, 2019

Mikey Taylor was one of the most recognizable Pro-Skateboarders on the Planet.  In his two decades of professional skateboarding he had lucrative sponsorship contracts, merchandise, and seven pro-model shoes.  So why would he leave all that behind to become a real estate investor?

Today we're going to find out how professional sports prepared him to become an entrepreneur and principal at Commune Capital where he's committed to assisting the next generation define the New American Dream.

Mikey is going to share how early on his parents provided for his financial education by introducing him to a key mentor.  You'll also learn how his successful shoe line(s) prepared him for post-sports success, and how professional sports can push one to the brink of destruction and quite often leaves them unprepared for the aftermath.

We'll also go into detail on the type of real estate investing Mikey has been doing, as well as the fund he's created to increase his investing momentum.  It's always fascinating to talk with someone who has been at the top of their game in one world, and is now playing at the same level in the real estate world.  I know you're going to enjoy this episode, and it's the perfect way to start off the New Year. 

You can contact Mikey by email:

Or through the web:

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Dec 23, 2019

Today we're going to discuss the Buy & Hold model and compare it to the Lease Option model with Anne Amagrande.  Anne is a serial entrepreneur and owner of Grande AMA & Associates.  She's an expert on Real Estate Investing, Generational Wealth, and owning and growing businesses.

Anne will discuss her model of providing lease options that serve both her homeowners and investors, how she times her contracts for maximum tax benefits, and how she structures her investments for passive investors and the returns they typically achieve.

Anne will also be discussing the fear most first-time investors face and how to get past that in order to accomplish your first deal.  She'll also discuss the importance of building a team, and who her early mentors were.

Anne is also passionate about financial literacy and has a lot of great information to share for every level of investor.  You can contact Anne through linkedin, or email her at

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Dec 16, 2019

In 2011, Reed Goossens quit his job in Australia and moved to the United States to become a Real Estate Investor.  He ended up in New York with no job, network or family, all he had was a Gut-Feeling that he could be successful.

Nine years later Reed controls over $150 Million in Commercial Real Estate, is a Best-Selling Author, and hosts a podcast called "Investing In The U.S."  

On Today's episode, Reed is going to share how he made it all happen, starting with his first 3-Unit in a low income neighborhood.  He'll also share how he found a mentor who set him on the path to success, his perspective on the U.S. Real Estate Market V.S. the rest of the world, and the shifting Return-On-Investment expectations that investors should be realistic about.

Reed has found great success in this country, and I'm excited to have him share his story with you.  You can reach Reed through his website:

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Dec 9, 2019

Mark Owens once owned a successful Computer Training Business, until he left it behind to find Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing.  Now he hasn't earned W-2 Income for over 10 years, and he's been investing in the Baltimore, Maryland area for the past 17 years, growing his portfolio from 1 to over 100 rental units.

Mark has created a lifestyle that allows him to help others invest in Buy & Hold Rentals, and he provides education through investor meet ups, classes, Facebook live, and podcasts like this one.

Today we're going to discuss why Mark has succeeded where others have failed, why he's never made a 'mistake', and the difference between 'going with your Gut', and obtaining the knowledge to be successful.

Mark will also share how he was able to grow his portfolio so quickly, how he hired his team, and how he can 'force' appreciation on  residential properties.

I know you'll enjoy this conversation with Mark.  There's a lot of great wisdom and advice on becoming a successful investor.  You can find out more through Facebook: Mark Owens REI, or contact him through email:

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Dec 5, 2019

The RPOA teaches a number of excellent courses for all levels of real estate investors and landlords.  One of the more unique and specialized courses we teach is called “Rehabbing for Rental and Flipping Profits”, and its taught by Justin Workman, who is in the studio with me today.

Now this course is not your typical overview.  It covers everything from A to Z, and includes on-site visits to existing properties for real world cost and labor estimations. Many of you already know that Justin is an experienced investor and licensed builder himself, and he’ll personally be teaching all three sessions of this multi-day course.

If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, or are close enough to drive, you should definitely consider this one-of-a-kind course, which is happening next week, December 9th, 11th, & 13th of 2019 at the Rental Property Owners Association.

To register or get more information, go to


Dec 2, 2019

My guest today has figured out a way to make rental property ownership easier and more profitable, and he's going to share his unique approach to making money and building wealth through rental properties.

David Friedman is a Boston-based real estate Entrepreneur and founder of Knox Financial, which is focused on helping people convert their homes into rental properties and managing those properties for them.

He's also written several articles for with advice for landlords, including "Five ways to maximize investment property returns", and "How to avoid 6 common rental property pitfalls".  We'll be discussing these articles, which include some very interesting ideas.

David can be reached through his website:

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Nov 25, 2019

Today's guest is going to help us rethink debt.  Specifically the type of debt we might put on a Real Estate Investment.  Instead of going to a traditional bank or lender, did you know that there is a Tax-Advantaged way to loan that money to yourself?

Mark Willis is going to explain how this is possible through a Super-Charged, Modernized, and Maximized Whole Life Insurance Policy.  Mark is a certified financial planner, two-time best-selling author, and owner of Lake Growth Financial Services.  He also hosts the "Not Your Average Financial Podcast" and helps his clients invest in real estate without going broke while creating retirement income that they won't outlive.

Mark will be pushing back on the conventional wisdom regarding whole life insurance v.s. term life insurance, and explain how a whole life insurance policy, properly set up, can be used to loan money toward your investments.  He'll also discuss the tax benefits and the returns you can expect.  

Since this is a new concept to me as well, I do my best to ask Mark a lot of detailed questions about how Whole-Life Insurance Lending really works.  If you're looking for more tax-advantaged ways to lend yourself money and fund your deals, then this is definitely an episode you won't want to miss.

Mark can be contacted through his website

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Nov 18, 2019

My guest today is focused exclusively on investing in Multifamily & Apartments.  With his partners he's invested in 11 different properties with over 2,300 units.

But Randy Langenderfer wasn't always a Multifamily investor.  He got his start in Real Estate Investing by House Hacking his first duplex before becoming a Hard Money Lender.

Today we're going to discuss how & why Randy made the leap to Apartments, and how he managed to grow his portfolio so quickly.  Randy is also going to share his experiences investing passively, both good & bad, as well as the common denominators he's seen in his successful partners and the importance of transparent communication.

If you've ever wanted to partner with someone else, or invest in someone else's deal, then you'll want to hear what Randy has to say.  Randy can be reached by email at

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Nov 11, 2019

There are many creative ways to Buy & Sell Real Estate, while creating Owner Financed Paper in the process.  And my guest today has done them all.  Brad Smotherman owns and manages a 7-figure per year Flipping Business called American Community Investments and holds Notes across middle Tennessee.  He's invested in 14 states and completed 100's of transactions.

Brad is going to discuss what it means to purchase a property 'Subject To' the existing mortgage, and what happens when the lender 'Calls In' the loan.  You'll also learn what a 'Wraparound' Mortgage is, and how you can profit from creating one.

Brad also discusses how he's able to purchase property with zero percent owner financing, the importance of mentorship, what it means to 'Buy Equity', and why Wholesalers are leaving money on the table by not employing the strategies he's discovered.

There are a lot of great tips and techniques that you'll learn in today's conversation.  Many of them haven't been discussed on the show before.  Brad can be contacted through his website:

And you can also check out his podcast called "Investor Creator"

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Nov 4, 2019

Welcome to a very special 200th Episode!  To celebrate I thought it would be fun to have a conversation with the man who made this podcast possible – Clay Powell, the director of the Rental Property Owners Association.

Clay and I will be talking about the importance of organizations like the RPOA and how we’re helping landlords and investors through the good times, which is what we’ve all been experiencing for the past ten years, and the anticipated downturn that many economists are expecting to happen in the next year or two.

We'll also discuss how the RPOA is positioning itself to be at the forefront of helping landlords and investors no matter what the economy is doing.  We also have exciting news about the RPOA’s Real Estate Investor Mastery Training Program, and how its now going to be accessible beyond the West Michigan area.  We’ll also discuss the RPOA’s knowledge base, where we answer the most frequently asked questions.

You'll also get a peak behind the curtains of the podcast, and I'll be revealing the top three episodes and guests of all time.  You'll also get a sneak peak at the Annual Conference, and the featured speakers we'll be bringing to you in 2020.  If you're wondering how you can prepare yourself for the eventual downturn, and prosper during both good times and bad, this is an episode you won't want to miss.

Clay can be reached through the Rental Property Owners Association by going to www.

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Oct 28, 2019

When Justin Richards and Aaron Lenartz were last on this show, they shared everything they'd just gone through in finding, negotiating, syndicating, and closing on a 144-unit apartment complex in Memphis Tennessee.  You can check out Episode #140 to hear that story.  Today, you're going to find out what happened after the close and how its affected their outlook and decision making process ever since.

Justin and Aaron are going to share some of the challenges they faced and how they came up with the solutions to solve them.  We'll discuss the engineering report and the cash shortfall that can occur when the lender reserves funds from the closing to make immediate repairs, but doesn't release that money until after the repairs have been completed.  We'll learn about some difficult partnerships that Justin & Aaron have had to walk away from, as well as the key members they've since added to their team.

Justin and Aaron share some painful experiences of the acquisitions that have fallen through since then, and the uncomfortable news they've had to share with their investors.  You'll learn why some of those deals didn't happen, and the physical inspection at one property that revealed over $7 million in deferred maintenance the owner failed to disclose.

Justin and Aaron also discuss the 600 units they currently have under contract, and how they're laying the groundwork to have plenty of capital throughout the next financial downturn.

There's a lot for any investor to learn in this episode, and Justin & Aaron don't hold back from sharing the challenges they've overcome this past year.  You can find out more about them by visiting them on the web at

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Oct 21, 2019

For many of our American Active Duty Military and Veterans, investing in Real Estate may seem like a far-off objective, especially if they're deployed overseas or moving from location to location without any sense of permanence.  However, if you're Active Duty Military, or a Veteran, you have some serious purchasing power that you may not be aware of.

Eric Upchurch has made it his mission to help those in the military understand and realize the power of creating monthly passive income through real estate, even while they're active duty.  Eric served six years in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and is the author of "Military House Hacking: How to Live Free, Earn Passive Income, and Create Generational Wealth".  Eric also hosts the "Active Duty Passive Income Podcast".

Eric is going to help us understand the incredible firepower of the VA loan, and how it can help our military service members invest in real estate and live for free through house hacking.  We'll also discuss the unique challenges facing our service members as they transition out of service, and how their military training both helps and hinders them as real estate investors.

Whether you're currently serving in the military, or you're a veteran, or you know someone who is, you'll definitely want to listen to what Eric has to share.  Eric can be reached through his website:

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Oct 14, 2019

One of the Best Books I've read this year is "Burn Zones", by my guest today, Jorge P. Newbery.  In his book, Jorge tells a fascinating and brutally honest story of his rise from newspaper boy to Punk Rock Entrepreneur, from International Cycling Champion to Mortgage Broker, Distressed Apartment Investor, Publicly Vilified Landlord, and Socially Conscious Entrepreneur.

Today, we're going to focus on three crucial periods in Jorge's incredible life: His early beginnings as an entrepreneur in the 1980's Los Angeles Punk Rock scene, Why he bought a run-down apartment building when the city health inspector warned him he'd end up in jail, and what really happened at Woodland Meadows, an 1,100 unit apartment complex in Columbus Ohio that was nicknamed "Uzzi Alley" for all of the murders and gun violence that had occurred there.

There is nothing safe about this episode or Jorge's investing experiences.  Jorge's willingness to charge into challenges that other investor's would find impossible have made him hugely successful, and, as you'll discover, hugely controversial, politically condemned and ultimately, inspirational.

Along the way, Jorge has an enormous impact in his tenant's lives, and he continues to have an impact through his socially responsible hedge fund, American Home Owners Preservation.  He also hosts a Facebook live show called "Financial Freedom Fridays with Jorge P. Newbery".

Jorge can be contacted through Facebook or his websites:

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"


Oct 7, 2019

By his own account, Sam Newell grew up poor on the wrong side of the railroad tracks in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Today you're going to find out how he transitioned from his humble early days into a successful real estate investor and realtor with sales over $150 Million.

Sam is an apartment investor, syndicator, and real estate agent who's been in the business for over 10 years.  He's also the co-founder of IPI Acquisitions, and a real estate agent at Century 21 Everest Realty Group in Utah, where he heads up their commercial division.

Sam is going to share how his work ethic and training in door-to-door sales and cold-calling led him to be an ultra-successful salesman.  You're going to learn Sam's best practices for door knocking, delivering bad news to clients, and how he informs and communicates with his investors.  You'll also hear Sam's perspective on whether or not you should get a real estate license while investing in real estate, and whether or not your should pay yourself out of your cash flow or invest it back into growing your portfolio.

Sam is a great guy with a lot of incredible value to add during today's conversation.  He can be contacted by text or email:

Text - 801-995-2220

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Sep 30, 2019

Can you believe that the iPhone is only 12 years old?  When you consider all of the advantages and efficiencies that smart phone technology has created for rental property owners, its hard to imagine doing any type of business without it.

My guest today is going to tell us What's Next on the Technology Horizon that will not only revolutionize the way we show and lease our properties, but will also help us control our expenses and increase our income.

Ryan Wendlandt is currently employed in the Technology Industry and is focused on 5G technology.  Today he's going to share his unique insight into the benefits of 5G, including the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality to aid in showing our units, built-in sensors that will monitor our resident's utility and trash usage, and the increased capacity we will have to make more money.

Ryan is also a Real Estate Investor who has acquired five deals in the past year in Grand Rapids, while investing from San Diego.  He's going to share how he's able to find his deals and manage them from thousand's of miles away.

I know you're going to enjoy hearing Ryan's expectations for 5G technology's impact on your Real Estate Business.  He can be contacted through his website:

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Sep 23, 2019

Is the Landlord profession overdue for a Revolution?  Is the Business Model of covering mortgages and operating costs by charging rent no longer sufficient?  My guest today believes both of those statements to be true.

Al Williamson is known as the "Worlds First Landlord Scientist", and he's on a quest to help other landlords maximize their Cashflow through alternate income streams such as Short Term Rentals and Corporate Housing.  He also has other valuable tips on increasing income and lowering expenses, many of which I'd never thought of before our conversation.

Al's going to share the tips and techniques he's used in many different modes of real estate investing, including turning around inner city houses and neighborhoods, an inexpensive way to avoid costly plumbing issues, why vacancy is a function of marketing, and how he makes money off of corporate rentals even when he doesn't own the property.

Al is also the author of "40 Ways to Increase The Net Income of Your Rental Property", and he can be contacted through his website or email:

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Sep 16, 2019

If you had to guess the #1 reason  why many entrepreneurs and real estate investors fail, what would it be?  Lack of money?, Opportunities?, or Bad Timing?  According to my guest today, Lack of Focus and the inability to set Clear and Specific Goals is the number one reason.

Nick Disney has spent the past ten years learning how to implement strategic goals in order to build a portfolio of 17 rental properties and 20 performing notes.  He owns a real estate business called "Sell My San Antonio House" and specializes in the different aspects of real estate investing, self-development, entrepreneurship, and running a small business.

Today we'll discuss the importance of focusing on what exactly you're trying to achieve and how to break it down into the key activities you need to focus on each day.  Nick will relate these ideas to the specifics of how he achieved his goal of reaching $10,000 monthly income.

We'll also discuss the crossroads that investors come to and how they must shift their goals as they find success.  Nick reached that crossroad as a 'buy & hold' investor, and decided to shift his business to become the bank and hold the note.  He'll take us through the methodical process he went through to reset his goals in order to achieve $50,000 in monthly income from his business.

There's a lot of great actionable content in this episode, and Nick makes it accessible for all levels of real estate investor.  You can contact Nick by email or through his website:

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Sep 9, 2019

What do you do when your business partner goes rogue and ends up destroying your entire Real Estate Portfolio?  If you're like my guest today, then you pick yourself back up and commit to building an even bigger & better one step-by-step.

Seth Ferguson is a Canadian real estate investor with 11 years of experience investing in single family, apartments, and helping others as an award-winning real estate broker.  He's also an author, Cable-TV host, and has his own podcast "Purchase To Profits".

Today Seth is going to dig deep and share his most painful experience, the disastrous breakup of his business partnership and the Red Flags he should have paid more attention to.  He's also going to explain 'Negative Gearing', which basically means buying properties with negative cashflow, and why investors are willing to buy this way.

We also discuss the pitfalls of the Canadian real estate market, the differences in their residential loan structures v.s. the United States, and the movement toward rent control and the negative effects it has on real estate investors and housing availability.

Seth also focuses on networking with high-performing investors, and we discuss the common traits he's noticed in the ultra-successful investors.  This is just one of the great chunks of information you'll benefit from in this episode.

You can find out more about Seth @

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Sep 2, 2019

There are some great books available that can teach you how to invest in Commercial Real Estate, and one of the best of these books was written by today's guest.

Brian Murray is the Best-Selling Author of "Crushing It In Apartments And Commercial Real Estate: How a Small Investor Can Make It BIG".  He's also the Founder & CEO of Washington Street Properties, which owns and operates a large portfolio of assets in upstate New York.  Brian has invested in Apartments, Office Buildings, Retail Centers, Storage, Billboards, Parking, and Mixed Use.

Today Brian is going to share how he was able to build his entire portfolio through the "Value Add" process, without raising any capital from outside investors.  You'll learn what those Value Add strategies are, how Brian negotiates with sellers to acquire Seller Financing, what it was like to transition from his first Office Building to investing in Apartments, and why he sometimes will overpay for the right property.

At one point in his career, Brian was a full-time teacher, and I know you're going to find what he has to say very instructive.  This is a great episode for anyone who is interested in Commercial Real Estate or who wants to build a team of professionals to help them manage their portfolio.

Brian can be reached through Linkedin or Facebook.  His email is, and his book can be purchased on amazon.

And visit our show on Facebook to leave comments and ask questions by going to "RPOA Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast"

Aug 26, 2019

Today we're going to compare the Pro's & Con's of investing in Multifamily & Apartments V.S. two other commercial asset classes: Self Storage & Mobile Home Parks.  Which is harder to acquire in today's market, and which will do the best during a good economy as well as a bad one?

Paul Moore has returned to the show to help us answer these questions.  You might remember Paul from episode #42, where we talked about his book "The Perfect Investment: Create Enduring Wealth From The Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing".  Paul has since changed his outlook on Multifamily, and today you're going to find out why.

Paul is also the Founder & Managing Director of Wellings Capital, which manages two private equity funds in commercial investments.  Paul is going to share the Value Formula he uses to exponentially create wealth in commercial properties, the tax benefits provided through Real Estate Investing, and the types of returns he strives to achieve for his investors.  

Paul also hosts the podcast "How To Lose Money", where I was a guest on episode #7 talking about a Meth House I (may have) owned in New Mexico.  I always enjoy my conversations with Paul because he's so knowledgable on so many aspects of commercial investing.  I know you're going to enjoy this episode & learn some tips that will help you increase your bottom line.

Paul can be contacted through his website:

Aug 19, 2019

When people ask me about investing in Detroit, my stock response is that there are a lot of great opportunities, but you really need to work with someone who understands the neighborhoods and where to find those opportunities.  Because, if you're one or two blocks off, you could lose a lot of money.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of traveling around Detroit with a seasoned investor who was kind enough to show me the neighborhoods he's investing, improving, and profiting in.  We also got to see a number of properties that he's in the process of rehabbing, flipping & selling.

Today I'm excited to have Todd Chunn on the show.  Todd is a Detroit Real Estate Investor, Wholesaler, and Auction Expert at Best Invest, LLC, and he also owns a property management company called 'Investors Property Management Detroit' specializing in managing Detroit rentals for out-of-state & local investors.

Todd shares a lot of great information in this episode: how he went from an employee mindset to owning several businesses, how he's finding his investment opportunities, the challenges of investing & managing tenants in Detroit, and how he became a foreclosure auction specialist.

You'll also learn about the seminar and investment guru who changed Todd's life, as well as the importance of mentorship and what makes someone a 'Rockstar' employee.  Todd also has a great story about hiring several squatters to help him protect his houses.

I know you're going to enjoy this episode.  I was lucky enough to spend the day with Todd, and I'm thrilled that we can bring you this conversation about his business.

Todd can be reached through email, Facebook & text (to get on his buyer's list):

facebook: Best Invest

text for Buyer's List: 248-497-9195 & type in "Buyer's List"

Aug 12, 2019

Today we're going to talk about Adaptive Re-use of Commercial Space and how it can be turned into an Asset Class that is Very Attractive & Extremely Profitable.

My guest is Scott Krone, the managing partner of Coda Management Group, a company that teams up with investors to purchase and convert undervalued warehouse space into climate controlled Self-Storage Facilities.

Scott has a Masters of Architecture Degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology and he's created 47 syndications and has over 400,000 sq. ft. & 2,759 storage units under management, along with over 25 years of development & design-build experience.

Scott is going to share the process he goes through in converting old warehouse space to self-storage, including his typical costs per sq. ft. for acquisition, construction & soft costs.  He'll discuss the financing that's available for these projects and how Coda builds and sells their developments to REITS. 

Scott & I also discuss the importance of Mentors, what ever happened to the original 'Lincoln Log' factory in Chicago, and how he uses personality profiling techniques to build his team and understand his clients better.

I know you're going to enjoy this episode, and you can learn more about Scott by going to his website:

Aug 5, 2019

My guest today is Frank Maratta, a listener & fan of the show who contacted me with some great questions.  So I thought I'd have him on the show to answer them with the help of Justin Workman, another friend of the show who's been on many episodes.

Frank is an experienced investor and landlord with 12 units that he rehabbed & manages.  Frank's favorite strategy is to buy a property, rehab it using his own subs and serving as the General Contractor, and then complete a cash-out refinance in order to pay himself back and raise money for the next deal.

Frank has some excellent questions that Justin & I do our best to answer, even though we disagree on several of our answers:

Should Frank get a 30-year or 20-year mortgage?

Should he "buy down" the points in order to get a lower interest rate?

Will a new roof increase the appraisal value? (the answer to this will surprise you)

What is our current outlook on the market?

Frank's questions make for a lively discussion (& arguments) with Brian & Justin.  This is a fun episode that I know you're going to enjoy.  If you'd like to get ahold of Frank, you can email him at:

Jul 29, 2019

Jonathan Twombly spent 12 years as a corporate attorney for some of the most prestigious law firms in New York, Boston, and London, before switching tracks and becoming a full-time real estate investor and syndicator.

Now, Jonathan is the owner of Two Bridges Asset Management and his attention to detail, creative thinking, and tendency to notice overlooked connections has had a huge impact on his returns, as well as those of his investors.

Today we'll discuss how Jonathan chooses his partners, and why you shouldn't treat your partnership like a marriage.  You'll also learn how Jonathan overcame some setbacks early on when his deals didn't pan out, and how he spent three years chasing opportunities before completing his first deal.

Jonathan also shares tips on working with attorneys, how he presents his opportunities and tells the story of the deal, what it means to have a fiduciary responsibility to your investors, and his outlook on the multifamily and apartment market.

Jonathan also hosts the Real Estate Launchpad podcast (I was a guest on episode #28), and can be reached through his website & Facebook page:

Multifamily Investment Community (Facebook)

Jul 22, 2019

Today we're going to talk about Raising Capital from a source that we typically don't consider when putting together the equity for our investment opportunities.  We've discussed syndication and raising funds from high net-worth accredited investors, but what about the Ultra-Wealthy - those with over $30 Million in net worth?

My guest today is Richard Wilson, the Founder & CEO of Family Office Club, and he is going to help us understand what the Ultra-Wealthy look for when investing their capital, and the top 6 headaches of Family Offices worth over $100 Million.  He'll also reveal how you might be able to help them while funding your own opportunities.

Richard also shares what he teaches investors about coming up with their 'one-line pitch', why its better to be 'long-term greedy' and create lasting relationships with family offices, what a typical deal structure might look like, and what not to do when pitching to the Ultra-Wealthy.

Richard is also the author of "Centimillionaire Migraines", as well as other books on Family Offices.  He runs the largest community of family offices globally called "The Family Office Club", with over 1,750 registered family offices, and hosts the "Family Office Podcast".

You can find out more about Richard by going to his websites:

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