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Exciting, informative. Every Monday, your host Brian Hamrick interviews real world real estate investors and industry professionals to discuss topics, tips, and techniques designed to make you a more confident and successful rental property owner and real estate investor. Guests include buy and hold investors, flippers, wholesalers, property managers, brokers, legal advisors, insurance providers, mortgage brokers—you name it, we’re talking to some of the top names in the business.
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Dec 26, 2016

In today's tight and competitive Real Estate Market how do you find those hidden gems, and can you still profit from foreclosures?

Tony Youngs will address those questions and more.  During our conversation today, Tony shares his 30 years of experience, systems, and strategies in acquiring foreclosures and hidden market properties.

Tony also discusses wholesaling, rehabbing, and the mistakes he's made along the way.

I know you'll enjoy listening to Tony's techniques, and I also encourage you to come hear Tony speak live at Michigan's Largest FREE Real Estate Investor & Landlord Conference & Expo which is happening February 23-25, 2017 at the DeVos Place in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

If you plan on getting serious about real estate investing and rental property ownership in 2017, this is the 'can't miss' event of the year.

For more information & your free registration go to:

Dec 19, 2016

Two-Thirds of the way through my conversation today, Nick Watkins drops a huge bombshell: He's managed to generate as much money in rental profits as he makes in his full-time job - and he's done it with only two duplexes and three single-family properties!

Nick takes me step-by-step through his process, how his desire to help others solve their problems led him to purchase rental property, how he's used creative financing to help him achieve 'infinite returns', and how he's learned to manage his properties and his tenants.

Nick also shares stories about the tenant who threatened him and his family, the subsequent eviction, and the consequences of not doing thorough background checks and tenant screening.

Nick & I also discuss the pro's & con's of hiring a professional third party management company, and whether or not the additional expenses are justified.

Nick shares a lot of great information, stories and tips.  You can contact him through email at

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Dec 12, 2016

John Potter has built an investment career on buying, rehabbing and leasing historic homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Sometimes while working on these homes he's discovered treasures left behind by the former occupants. 

John has also discovered something surprising and unexpected about his childhood home that helps explain why he's so passionate about these historic homes.

John & I discuss his passion for homes that are more than 100 years old, what makes them better than the homes built today, and John's strategies to keep them filled with the best tenants.

John is also the owner of Tanglewood Properties and a realtor with Pro Real Estate Services.  You can contact John through his website:

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Dec 5, 2016

Seven years ago Justin Herrema was in a bad snowmobiling accident that made him question everything about his real estate investing business model.  This questioning led him to become the founder & CEO of Land Contract Realty and Land Contract Notes.

Today Justin shares his over 10 years of Real Estate Investing experience with us, and how he acquires a property, rehabs it, and then sells it on land contract to buyers who aren't able to acquire traditional bank financing.  Justin then takes it a step further by selling the note to a private investor or hedge fund.

There's a lot of great information packed into this conversation.  Justin talks about buying from banks & auctions, renovating, flipping, acquiring lines of credit, working with private investors and getting private money, as well as buying foreclosures from motivated sellers.

You can contact Justin through his websites:

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Nov 28, 2016

What is it about Real Estate Investing that would cause a successful business owner in a completely different field to buy three 8-Units and a duplex and start his own Management Company?

Today we'll find out during my conversation with Matt Martyn, the Co-Owner & Co-Founder of Cobertyn Group and Ahptic Film & Digital.

Matt shares how he and his business partners acquired a duplex eight years ago and the difficulties they encountered in managing it while running a successful film production business. 

Then Matt talks about their latest acquisitions, three 8-Units in the Lansing, Michigan area that they're currently rehabbing.  Matt and his partners have formed a new management company and we'll be discussing the start-up challenges they've encountered so far.  Matt & I also talk numbers and how they were able to acquire bank financing and negotiate their acquisition.

You can find out more about Matt & his company by visiting

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Nov 21, 2016

Fifteen Years ago Tom Zeeb was broke and looking for a way to raise money quickly.

Today he's going to share his Rapid Cash Generation system that allowed him to leave his job and pursue Real Estate full-time through Wholesaling, Flipping and Buy & Hold investing.  Tom is going to tell us how he Finds the Deal, Makes the Deal, & Gets Paid.

Tom Zeeb is an active investor, President of Traction Real Estate Investors Association and Founder of Traction Real Estate Mentors, where he's helped hundreds of average people replace their income, quit their jobs, and turn full-time to real estate investing.

I know you'll enjoy listening to Tom's techniques, and I also encourage you to come hear Tom speak live at Michigan's Largest FREE Real Estate Investor & Landlord Conference & Expo which is happening February 23-25, 2017 at the DeVos Place in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For more information & your free registration go to:



Nov 14, 2016

Sometimes a simple conversation can create big changes.  Andy Wierda, my guest today, had that experience when he stopped to buy a beer at a convenience store.  What the woman behind the counter said to him has made a huge difference in his real estate investing career ever since.

Andy is a local investor in Grand Rapids, Michigan and in our conversation today he shares many fun stories about owning and managing single family rentals, buying & flipping foreclosures, problematic tenants, evictions, and the hits & misses along the way.

Andy's also talks about being a hard money lender, how to prevent tenants from ruining your credit, single family rental inspections, affordable housing, and dealing with insurance companies when tragedy strikes.

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Nov 7, 2016

Technology and the Internet have created many new ways for real estate investors to increase their income.  Some savvy owners are foregoing tenants all together and turning their rental properties into Vacation Rentals that allow them to double or triple their profits.

Sue Hoyuela is a nationally recognized expert on vacation rentals and will be sharing her secrets to doubling your rental income without tenants by converting your rentals into Airbnb cashcows.

I know you'll enjoy listening to Sue's techniques, and I also encourage you to come hear Sue speak live at Michigan's Largest FREE Real Estate Investor & Landlord Conference & Expo which is happening February 23-25, 2017 at the DeVos Place in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Sue is also the author of "How To make Quick Cash From Your Couch: Insider Secrets From A Six-Figure Airbnb Host" which can be purchased on

Oct 31, 2016

What is the Perfect Investment? 

My guest today, Paul Moore has his view on that question, and he feels so strongly about it that he wrote a book called "The Perfect Investment - Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing".

Join Paul and me as we talk about Multifamily and Apartment Investing; the compelling demographics and trends, market selection, the barriers to entry, and the tax benefits that can create enduring wealth.

Paul has a lot of great stories to share and his warning to always 'look for the flies in the deal' is invaluable.  I know you'll find a lot in this conversation that will help you become a more confident and successful real estate investor.

I also highly recommend his new book "The Perfect Investment - Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing" which is available on and his website:

You can also contact Paul through email:



Oct 24, 2016

A lot of our listeners in Grand Rapids might know Bruce Vander Vennen as the President of Jack's Lawn Service and Snowplowing.  But what you may not know is that Bruce is also a successful rental property owner with 108 units in single-family, multi-family and condos in Kentwood, Grand Rapids, and Muskegon, Michigan.

Today on our show, Bruce shares how he began his portfolio, the problems he faced along the way, and the new market he started investing in six months ago.

Bruce also shares his story of a condo he picked up at tax auction that was not what he expected it to be, the Memorial Day Weekend he spent cleaning a sewage backup in the basement of one of his properties, and how that experience lead to his decision to hire professional 3rd party management.

There's a lot of great content in today's conversation.  Please take a moment to go to itunes to 'subscribe, rate & review'!

You can contact Bruce through his website.  If you're an RPOA member you can receive 20% off of your lawn care & snow plowing services.


Oct 17, 2016

My guest today is Joe Pohlen, a successful investor and entrepreneur who started buying single family student rentals while he was still in college.

Joe has grown his portfolio to include Multifamily and Apartments in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Battle Creek, Michigan, which he oversees through his management company; Ancora Management.

Joe will also be discussing his recent acquisition of several independent and assisted living facilities, and the extensive turnaround and receivership experience he gained during the great recession.

You'll also learn the steps Joe went through to turn around a distressed 52-unit apartment community in Lansing, how he raises money from investors, and his management philosophy which helps him find the best residents.

There's a lot of great information in today's episode.  Please take the time to go to itunes to 'subscribe, rate & review'!

You can contact Joe & find out more at:



Oct 10, 2016

You may have seen or heard my guest on CNN, CNBC, NPR, Fox News, CBS Marketwatch and the Wall Street Journal.  However, a 3 minute news blurb is not enough to learn all the knowledge and wisdom Kathy Fettke has to share.  That's why I know you're going to get a lot of value out of our podcast conversation today.

Kathy Fettke is passionate about helping people create real wealth - which she defines as the freedom and money to live life on your own terms.  She's the CEO and founder of "Real Wealth Network", which is a California based real estate investment group with over 16,000 members.

Kathy also hosts two extremely popular podcasts - "The Real Wealth Show", and "Real Estate News for Investors with Kathy Fettke".  She's also the author of the popular book "Retire Rich with Rentals" which is available on

During our conversation, Kathy and I discuss areas of opportunity around the country, as well as 'bubble areas' that Kathy is helping her investors move their money out of.  Kathy shares how she and her husband overcame a major life obstacle to begin investing in real estate, and whether or not the market is heading for another downturn.

There's a lot of great information packed into the episode that will make you look at real estate investing in a new light.  Enjoy!


Oct 3, 2016

Today I sit down to talk with the Top-Selling Multi-Family Broker in the Greater Grand Rapids area.

Allison Koetsier is an Associate Broker with Compass Realty Services.  She's also a successful investor in Single-Family and Multi-Family Rental Properties.

Allison shares her stories about her first investment in a four-unit rental property, the challenges she faced in learning how to manage her growing portfolio, and the reasons why she became a broker.

Allison and I also discuss the advice she offers new clients who are starting or building their investment portfolio, the mistakes she's made along the way, and a recent investment she made using a 1031 Exchange.

I'm excited to share this conversation with you.  If you like what you hear, please be sure to go to itunes and subscribe, rate & review!

You can find out more about Allison online at:


Sep 26, 2016

Whether you're a Buy & Hold Investor, Wholesaler, Landlord, Property Manager or you do Fix & Flips, you most likely have some form of real estate business.  Whether you realize it or not, your business has a credit footprint that can be used to your advantage, especially when it comes to obtaining alternate financing.

In today's conversation with Ty Crandall, we discuss Business Credit:  What it is, how to build it, and what it mean to you specifically as a rental property owner & real estate investor.  If you build your business credit the right way, you can access funds without using your personal information and social security number.

Ty Crandall is a leading expert on building business credit and is the CEO of Credit Suite, one of the biggest and most credible business coaching operations in the United States.  He's also the author of two popular books: "Perfect Credit" and "Business Credit Decoded".  Ty also hosts an excellent podcast called "The Business Credit and Finance Show".

You can contact Ty through his website:

And download a free report on "How to build credit for your EIN that is not linked to your SSN"


Sep 19, 2016

Mark Troy is the owner and founder of Compass Property Services, a full-service property management company that also does remodeling and helps investors and home owners buy and sell properties.

Today we sit down to talk about Mark's early career as an investor and landlord, and the decisions that led him to start his own management company.  Mark shares his tips on leasing, evictions, and managing your property, and discusses the mistakes that he's seen many landlords make.

We also talk about Mark's bigger goal to build massive wealth in order to give it away to important causes that he believes in.

Mark is also the President of the Rental Property Owner's Association, and we discuss the importance of the RPOA in protecting the rights of investors and landlords at the city, state and federal levels.

I know you're going to get a lot of great information from this interview.  Enjoy!

You can contact Mark and Compass Property Services through their website:


Sep 12, 2016

If you're an active investor in commercial multi-family and apartments, or you're interested in getting into this space, I know you're going to get a lot out of today's conversation.

I'm excited to sit down with Craig Black and Scott Nurski, who are both Multi-Family Investment Advisors with NAI Wisinski of West Michigan.

We have definitely packed a lot of great information into today's conversation:  What you need to do to get brokers to take you seriously, the economy of scale with Multi-Family and Apartments compared to Single Family Investing, and factors & expenses to consider when you begin investing in larger units.

Craig and Scott also go into detail on the Michigan and West Michigan market, including where you might still be able to find deals.

You can also check out Scott Nurski's NAIWWM Mid-Year West Michigan Multifamily Market Forecast:

Craig and Scott are also quoted in the following Grand Rapids Business Journal Article:


Sep 5, 2016

Last week I spoke with Josh Sterling about his Single Family Rental Investments and the plateaus he's overcome while building his portfolio from 1 to 160 units.

This week, in part two of our conversation, Josh and I discuss the 24 Unit Apartment Community he purchased on Land Contract that had a 42% occupancy rate and how he managed to turn that around.  Josh shares how he improved the occupancy to near 100%, and cash-out refinanced all of the money he originally invested. 

We discuss the "Infinite Return" he's created by no longer having any of his own money in the investment, while still cash-flowing $5,400 a month.  This is the Holy Grail of real estate investing, and Josh is going to tell us how he did it.

We'll also talk about the 53-unit Josh purchased next, how he built his team at Epic Property Management, the systems and property management software he put in place to help build his portfolio, as well as new construction projects he's undertaken recently.

This episode is bursting with great information for novice & seasoned investors.  Be ready to take lots of notes!


Aug 29, 2016

Josh Sterling is a Buy & Hold Real Estate Investor from South-East Michigan.  He began buying Single Families in 2009, and since then has grown his SFH, Multi-Family and Apartment portfolio from 1 to 160 units.

Today, in Part 1 of my interview with Josh, we discuss his trajectory from a novice investor and landlord making a lot of mistakes, to a seasoned professional who owns 160 units as well as his own management company called Epic Property Management.

Josh is happy to share his experiences and stories about learning how to evict tenants, rehabbing properties, raising investor money and overcoming the plateaus on his path from 1 to 160 units.  No matter what level of investor you are, you'll definitely find a lot of great wisdom in my conversation with Josh.

Aug 22, 2016

One of the tools that I use as an investor in multi-family and commercial apartment real estate is my subscription to CoStar.  This is an online tool that allows me access to information about properties I would have a difficult time finding elsewhere.  When it comes to researching off-market opportunities, CoStar gives me an edge that has been very helpful over the past five years.

Today I talk with Grant Webster, the client relationship manager for CoStar Group in the West Michigan region.  CoStar Group also owns LoopNet and, and I've subscribed to those services as well.  Grant and I discuss how these subscription services can help investors research investment properties, gather information that's not readily available, and market their existing units to a targeted market.

If you've ever thought about subscribing to these services, or wondered what benefits they might have for you as an investor, then this episode is one you'll want to hear.

Aug 15, 2016

I firmly believe that one of the best ways to get into real estate investing in order to create your own financial freedom is to purchase a multi-family property and live in one of the units.  This is called House Hacking, and its a fantastic way to build wealth while reducing your expenses by having your tenants pay your mortgage.

Today I'm excited to take this concept to the next level with Kevin Murphy, who just completed his first House Hack.  The exciting part is that he discovered a little known way to finance the purchase and rehab costs using a HUD 203K loan in which he put down less than $4,000 for the purchase and rehab.

Now Kevin's tenants are paying his mortgage and utility costs, he is living 'rent free', and pocketing several hundred dollars a month!  Not bad for a recent college grad!

Today, Kevin walks us through the entire process:  His search for the right property, how he learned about this loan, and the challenges he faced making it come together.

If you'd like to learn more about Kevin and his business, you can visit his website at:


Aug 8, 2016

Whether you're just beginning your Real Estate Investing Career, or you've been doing it for a while, I know you'll enjoy my interview today with Courtney Sorrell. 

Courtney and her husband became Reluctant Landlords when they had to leave their new house in Portland, Oregon and move across the country to find jobs during the Great Recession.  We'll discuss the lessons she learned during this period and how Courtney is investing in Real Estate to provide for her retirement.

Courtney & her husband are "House Hacking" their way to financial freedom, and we'll talk about their search for Multi-Family property, and how a duplex she recently purchased didn't turn out quite the way she planned.

Courtney also talks about the 'Millennial' generation and her outlook on retirement, investing and self-sufficiency.


Aug 1, 2016

Today's episode is going to expand your financial IQ in ways that will help you make more money from your real estate investing.

Many of us get so caught up in finding, buying and managing our properties, that we don't pay enough consideration to what happens next.  Every investor needs to have their exit strategy in mind in order to maximize the money we get to keep when we sell.

Today's guest is Mark Andresky, and he is a Certified Exit Planner and Certified Business Intermediary with Performance Business Advisors, LLC.  Mark also teaches the "Exit Strategies" course for the RPOA.

During our conversation Mark discusses how exit planning can work to avoid surprises when you sell, specifically when it comes to taxes on your profit.  Mark & I also discuss depreciation recapture, which is something you definitely want to be prepared for when you sell.  Other topics of discussion include leverage & risk, entity selection, tax-deferred savings plans, estate planning & leaving a legacy.

Enjoy & Learn!

Jul 25, 2016

Today I talk with Kim Post from Post & Associates Appraisals and Next Door Properties, LLC.  Kim shares stories from her 30 + years of investing in rental property.

We talk about her transition from being a full-time teacher to following her passion for construction, real estate & rental property.  Kim prefers to buy her investment property using Land Contracts &/or Seller Financing, and explains how she's able to make that work.

We also discuss her recent Off-Market acquisition of 29 multi-units and the challenges she's faced in Rehabbing, Improving, and Managing a property with residents who would never have passed her screening criteria, including some with criminal backgrounds.

Enjoy & Learn!

Jul 18, 2016

I know you're going to enjoy my interview today with David Kirchgessner.  Dave is a successful investor and realtor, who also happens to be the lead singer of the popular ska punk band Mustard Plug.  It's Mustard Plug's song "Mr. Smiley" that you hear at the beginning & end of every podcast episode.

Dave shares with us how he's been able to create and support his lifestyle through real estate investing, which he realized in his early 20's was the only way he'd be able to support himself while he pursued his music career.

Dave also talks about the investments in Single Family and Two Family homes he's made and shares details on purchasing, rehabbing and managing them.  We also discuss a building development that Dave bought with some friends that didn't go as planned, and a new investment in Northern Michigan that he almost bought sight unseen.

Dave is also a realtor with Greenridge Realty, and will give us his perspective on the current market and the trends he's seeing as a real estate 'insider'.

You can contact Dave through his email at:

Jul 11, 2016

Two episodes ago Brandon Krieg from Honeybee Homes shared his tips and techniques on Wholesaling for huge profits.  If you haven't heard that episode yet, I highly recommend you give it a listen.

This week Brandon has returned to discuss his Fix & Flip secrets to success.  He'll talk about what type of property he looks for, how he runs his numbers, and share stories of deals that were highly profitable and a few that weren't.

We also talk about Brandon's involvement with the West Michigan REI, as well as the Rental Property Owner's Association.

You can contact Brandon through his website at:



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